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 Ebony Macassar custom drum kit by Tee Drums. Tee Drums custom drum shells are hand made to your requirements. Our drum shells are hand made in England by professional drummer AlanTocknell who has 10 years experience of experimenting with various woods and the tonal diferences to insure that we achieve both the sound finish that you are looking for. Our core shells are constructed from Birch, Maple or African Mahogany (or any combination of these materials). For custom drum builders, we provide shell packs and fittings kits to complete your drum build project. find us at                          
Custom Drum Builder
Tee Drums are leaders in the design and development of Drum Shells, utilising Birch, Maple and African Mahogany. Professional hand made custom drum shells designed and built by Alan Tocknell and supplied to custom drum companies and DIY drum builders Worldwide. This website is dedicated to drum building and custom drum builders who want some input into the design and sound of the drum shell. 
We offer drum shells from 6" - 26" including bass drum hoops and fittings to complete your project.
                                                   Custom Drum Building
Tee Drums shell pack finished in a Bubinga outer ply, ready for a drum building project, sold with bearing edges. Tee Drums also supply the fittings kit to complete your drum build project with a wide choice of drum lugs. other outer plys are available to include Ebony Macassar, Walnut, Bubinga, Rosewood, Maple, Oak. All drum shells are made to order by professional drummer Alan TocknellDrum Shells
Our Birch drum shells are constructed with a vertical grain, which means that the sound is purer and faster than a horizontal grain. Maple and Mahogany shells are constructed with an alternating horizontal and vertical grain to enhance depth and projection from the drum. We also offer a range of veneered finishes, which are part of the shell construction process. We always welcome your input to insure that we achieve the drum sound that you are looking for.
Bespoke custom drum shells by Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums. Finished in various exotic veneers from Tee Drums. Alan Tocknell of Tee drums has been building custom drum shells and drums for over 10 years. All drums are bespoke to order www.alantocknell-drums.comDrum Finishes
Various exotic wood veneer finishes are available in a raw wood or a finished shell. Drum shells can be finished in an ultra-tough polyurethane varnish which provides a rich, clear finish that is heat, water and scratch-resistant (available in Matt Satin and High Glaze Gloss).
Tung oil finish to shells is also available, this is a process of many coats of oil rubbed into the shell and the buffed for a nice deep satin finish to your drum 
Drum Fittings from Tee Drums include drum lugs, drum hoops, snare drum strainers and bespoke custom drum shells. Tee Drums supply custom drum shells and drums worldwide. All shells are bespoke to orderand your drum options are endless. Drum fittings supply in the UK. for more information please visit
Drum Fittings
A selection of drum fittings are available in Chrome, Black and Brass to complete your custom drum build project. Fittings include lugs, hoops, strainers, spurs, snare wires and tension bolts. We are a UK supplier of Trick Strainers
Tee Drums can also build you a custom snare drum to a full drum kit.
Please take a few minutes to view our site and get an understanding of the woods and the tonal differences through to the drum fittings and various exotic outer ply finishes.
Please call us to talk about various options of your custom drum build on 07786 438925

NEW FOR 2012
We are pleased to showcase our NEW Custom Finishes using real wood veneers. New finishes are available on Birch, Maple and African Mahogany shells. Standard stripe designs and well as custom work.
All shells are designed and made at our Mills in the Cotswolds, England   
New Custom Veneering (exotic)
New Custom Veneering (exotic)
NEW Custom Veneer Finishes with Exotic real woods
New Custom Veneering
New Custom Veneering
NEW Custom Veneer Finishes with Walnut, Maple, Oak, Cherry
Tee Drums, custom drums hand crafted by Alan Tocknell
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