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Making a Distinction series Drum shell

Tee Drums Distinction series Snare Drum. Hand crafted drums made in the UK by Alan Tocknell. Using the finest selected wood veneers our Distinction series feature Marquetry inlays.The Making of a Distinction series drum

At Tee Drums we use only the finest woods which are mostly all hand selected by Alan personally. Selecting the woods for each shell is just the start, they then have to be cut into strips and then stitched back together with the inlays. This Distinction series snare is made up of 7 strips including the inlays, the picture below shows the outer ply being taped together with a special veneer tape that when dried will shrink and bind the connecting veneers together leaving no gaps.

Tee Drums Distinction series drums. Hand crafted in the UK by Alan Tocknell. We stitch our quality veneers and inlays together with veneer tape2" width of Walnut with an inlay and a fine strip of Walnut bonded together using our veneer tape. All our veneers are .6mm thick so we are able to use any of our exotic veneers and inlays to compile a custom distinction series snare drum or kit. 

Tee Drums exotic and fabricated veneer facings are heat pressed onto another veneer to make a ply of 1.2mmOnce our outer ply is made up we then need to heat press this to a  backing veneer (typically we would use a Mahogany or a Maple as a backing) this process insures that our outer ply is pressed firmly to the next veneer with no air bubbles (wrapping a veneer round a ready made shell can sometimes leave air bubbles which will cause problems later in the finishing process). Our process is pretty much the same with all Tee Drums exotic outer ply shells to insure a quality shell every time. We heat press the 2 veneers (outer and backing) for around 20 minutes and once this is complete we then store the now one piece ply in our humidity controlled room to insure flexibility for when we come to the shell forming process.

Quality drum shells by Tee Drums. Hand crafted in the UK by Professional drum designer and builder Alan Tocknell.

This is the finished shell after this long process. Our made up strip ply (Walnut with Birdseye Maple and inlays) pressed onto a Maple veneer. We then have 12 plys of vertical grain Birch and an inner ply or Walnut. 

Now we are ready for bearing edges, snare beds and some holes for the fittings. 

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