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Danny Farrant of the Buzzcocks

Danny Farrant of the Buzzcocks with his Tee Drums Custom snare. Hand crafted drums made by Alan Tocknell. Danny plays a 14x7 Birch/Mahogany finished in white marine pearl
Buzzcocks Drummer Danny Farrant joins Tee Drums

Tee Drums are very pleased to announce that Buzzcocks drummer Danny Farrant has joined us an endorsee and kicked off the UK tour with his new 14x7 snare drum.  
Buzzcocks have just finished a three week headline tour of the USA which included three dates on the Riot fest. On returning to the UK the band are now into the third week of a UK tour to promote their new album “The Way” Produced by Dave Allen (the cure, Human League) which is soon to be on release on 1,2,3,4, go records.

Tee Drums at Lakefest 2014

Tee Drums Kits for main stages at Lakefest 2014. Hand crafted drums made in the UK by Alan TocknellLast weekend Tee Drums supplied the drum drum kits to the 2 main stages of Lakefest 2014. We had a fantastic weekend and met lots of new friends in the process. In supporting the Lakefest festival insured faster turn around time between bands as there was a quality Tee Drums kit on stage which many drummers took the opportunity to play. Some of the Drummers who played Tee Drums at the festival include Danny Farrant of the Buzzcocks, Ade Hill of Doctor and the Medics, Che Beresford of Phoneys and the Freaks, Tim Tolhurst of The Rovin Crows 

Custom Series Drum Kit by Tee Drums

Tee Drums Custom series drum kit, hand crafted in the UK by professional drum builder Alan Tocknell.Tee Drums Custom series Drum Kit

The kit is finished in outer plys of Ziricote, Zebrano and Macassar and shell construction is Mahogany/Birch.
22x17, 18x14, 10x7, 12x8, 15x14, 13x6 snr, 10x6 snr

The kit is fitted with single point lugs, triple flanged hoops, Trick strainers on the snare drums and Evans heads.

Tee Drums drum shells, Custom series drums, hand crafted in the UK by Alan Tocknell
Picture of the shells while in finishing process

Custom series Macassar/Zebrano/Ziricote

Tee Drums Custom series. Hand crafted drums made in the UK by Alan TocknellTee Drums Custom series 14x7

Outer plys.

Shell Construction: vertical grain Birch

Follow the stages of this build with the pictures below

Process of a Tee Drums shell. Hand crafted drums made in the UK by Alan Tocknell

Distinction series shells in finishing process

Tee Drums Distinction series drum shells. Walnut & Red Gum, Walnut with Oak Burr center. Hand crafted drums made in England by Alan Tocknell
2 Tee Drums Distinction series shells in the finishing process.

Bottom: Walnut with Red Gum upper (satin finish).
Top: Walnut with Oak Burr center (High Gloss finish)

Classic series Walnut

Tee Drums Classic series snare drums from £229. Hand crafted drums made my Alan Tocknell. Shells available in Walnut, Mahogany, BirchTee Drums Classic series Snare Drums

Finish: Satin Walnut

Sizes: 12", 13", 14" in depths from 4"-10"

Shell Construction: Walnut, Mahogany, Birch or Combinations

Price: from £229 (based on a 12") Typical 13"/14" £249.

For more information on prices and options please contact us on...  

Ziricote, Zebrano & Macassar Kit

Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums is currently working on this blended finish kit of Ziricote, Zebrano and MacassarLovely kit in the finishing process, here are just 2 of the rack toms. Satin Poly finish on Ziricote, Zebrano, Macassar. 

Hand crafted drum shells by Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums

Imbuia kit build

Here are a few progress pictured of a Tee Drums Imbuia kit. Hand crafted by professional drummer/drum builder Alan Tocknell.

3 piece kit constructed with vertical grain Birch, Mahogany and an outer ply of Imbuia. Shell are all finished in our high gloss glaze and now for the building of the kit.

Lugs fitted to the 10"

Alans WMP Kit

Tee Drums Alan Tocknell plays a custom series in White Marine Pearl. Hand crafted drums made in the UK As well as a Drum Builder, Alan of Tee Drums is still a professional drummer who plays live and on recording sessions. 

This is one of Alans personal kits (mainly used for live and tours)

Tee Drums Custom finished in White Marine Pearl and Black fittings.
22x20, 8x6, 10x7, 12x8, 14x14, 12x6 snr.

The bass drum on this kit is 12mm thick (double the thickness of your off the shelf standard kits). It delivered a very dry and tight punch.
Tee Drums White Marine Pearl kit. This is one of Alan Tocknells personal kits. Hand crafted drums made in England


Custom series snare drums

Tee Drums Custom series drum shells. Maple, Lacewood, Walnut, Mahogany. Hand crafted custom drum shells made in England by Alan TocknellQuick Peek at our new Custom series snare drums featuring real wood with Pearl or Abalone inlays.

From top to bottom...
Maple with Blue Abalone
Lacewood with Abalone
Walnut with WMP
Mahogany with Abalone
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