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Bubinga Snare Drum by Tee Drums

Bubinga Snare Drum

Bubinga Snare Drum by Tee Drums, hand crafted drums made in the UK by Alan TocknellTee Drums 100% Bubinga Snare Drum

Over the past few months we have been testing different Bubinga shell configurations and decided that by alternating the ply... vertical, horizontal, vertical and so on, right through the shell. This gave the snare drum a nice dry, warm but snappy sound with great sensitivity. To make the drum even dryer we have added die cast hoops and an Evans Genera batter head.    

The snare drum is 10 ply and finished in our satin glaze (inside and out) this is effectively sealing the shell and allowing more energy to flow from top to bottom head to create a brighter sound on top end tuning.

Bubinga shell in glossing process

Tee Drums Bubinga shell, hand crafted drums made by Alan TocknellTee Drums Bubinga snare drum

Over the past few days the Bubinga shell has been going through our glossing process, (it looks finished but we are only half way though). I have opted to gloss the inside of the shell as well and the reason for this is to seal the shell a little more so less energy escapes though the shell and travels down to the bottom bearing edge (just to brighten the sound a little more) but its also such a lovely wood grain inside and would be a shame not to hi-light it. 

Its at this stage when we start thinking of what colour fittings to go on.  

Bubinga Drum Shells

Bubinga drum shells, hand crafted in England by Alan TocknellAt last!!! Tee Drums Producing Bubinga Shells.

We have been developing our Bubinga shells over the last month and we are sure that we have come up with a shell that you will love. Our Bubinga shell has been developed with an alternate grain vertical, horizontal and so on to maximise tonal range and projection.
Our Bubinga shells are around 40-50% harder than the Birch and around 55% harder than the Maple. A hard and dense wood that is mostly found growing around the swamps in Africa. The Bubinga offers a dark and very rich tone with natural internal dampening and less aggressive and rounder overtones.
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