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Drum Kits by Tee Drums

Custom Series Drum Kit by Tee Drums

Tee Drums Custom series drum kit, hand crafted in the UK by professional drum builder Alan Tocknell.Tee Drums Custom series Drum Kit

The kit is finished in outer plys of Ziricote, Zebrano and Macassar and shell construction is Mahogany/Birch.
22x17, 18x14, 10x7, 12x8, 15x14, 13x6 snr, 10x6 snr

The kit is fitted with single point lugs, triple flanged hoops, Trick strainers on the snare drums and Evans heads.

Tee Drums drum shells, Custom series drums, hand crafted in the UK by Alan Tocknell
Picture of the shells while in finishing process

Tee Drums Vintage Style Kits

Tee Drums Vintage style Drums. Hand crafted drums make in the UK by professional drummer/drum maker Alan TocknellTee Drums Vintage Style kits coming soon. 

Zebrano Drum Kit by Tee Drums

Zebrano Drum Kit hand crafted in England by Tee Drums. Using the finest Finnish Birch in a vertical grain gives this kit a wider tonal range and more projection than you would find on a run of the mill horizontal grain mass production shell.   Tee Drums Zebrano finish drum kit

The kit features our vertical grain Birch shells with an outer ply of horizontal Zebrano and finished in our hand rubbed satin oil/wax process.

22x18, 8x6, 10x6.5, 12x7, 14x14, 14x7 snr.

Tee Drum can build you a kit with our own custom shells, giving you the say in what wood and ply configuration we use on your kit. 

Owning a custom kit can be cheaper than you think as there are many ways of ordering your kit from a shell pack and fittings kit for a DIY project to having Alan and the Tee Drums team finish your dream kit or snare.

Zebrano Drum Kit by Tee Drums

Tee Drums  vertical grain Birch with a Zebrano finish. Hand crafted drums made by Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums. Based in the UK, Tee Drums have been building and supplying quality drum shells to the industry for over a decade Tee Drums Zebrano 

6 piece drum kit constructed with vertical grain Birch and finished in a Satin Zebrano.

Toms are 5mm thick, bass drum is 6.6mm, snare drum is 8mm.

22x18, 8x6, 10x6,5, 12x7, 14x14 

Zebra Kit by Tee Drums

Tee Drums Zebra Kit, vertical grain Birch with Mahogany and our Zebra plys bookmatched by Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums in the UK.
Tee Drums Zebra finish

Our new ZEBRA finsh comes in both horizontal or vertical grain and finished in a high glaze gloss. This kit features vertical grain on the bass drum and toms and a horizontal grain on the snare drum (matching bass drum hoops both inside and out).

Sizes to this kit are 22x18, 10x7, 12x8, 14x14, 14x6.

As per all our drums, every drum is hand crafted specially for you and we offer a full range of sizes from 6"-26" in all depths (inc half sizes).

The Kit is constructed with a vertical grain Birch, Mahogany and Zebra outer (which is part of the shells construction and not glued to a ready made shell).

Distinction series taster

Tee Drums Distinction series Drums. Hand crafted in the UK by Alan Tocknell

We will soon be introducing our 2013 Distinction series range of drums. 

All Distinction series feature our new round badge. the finest quality veneer outer plys with marquetry inlays.

With our extensive range of veneers and inlays, there is really no end to finish options so if you would like your very own custom Distinction design snare drum or kit, please contact us. 

Here is a sneaky view of what is to come...
Tee Drums Distinction series Drums. Hand crafted in the UK by Alan TocknellTee Drums Distinction series Drums. Hand crafted in the UK by Alan Tocknell 


Distinction Kit (Sycamore)

Tee Drums Distinction series drum kit. hand crafted drums made in the UK by Alan Tocknell. Sycamore/Birch/Walnut Making of a Tee Drums Distinction series Drum Kit.

20x14, 12x6.5, 14x14, 16x16, 14x7.5 snr

Finished in a figured Sycamore with a Kingwood inlay.
Shells are constructed with Sycamore, Birch, Walnut and Birch re-rings. We wanted to create a warm/dry sound with clarity and projection.

Tee Drums outer plys. Hand crafted in house by Alan Tocknell. British made DrumsOuter plys stitched together and pressed in house. 
Our outer plys are heat pressed onto another ply of Sycamore (vertical grain) and are then ready for forming the shell. 

If you have an idea for a custom drum kit professionally built to your requirements from woods to fittings then please get in touch and tell us about your idea... Having a Quality Custom Built kit really could be cheaper than you think.

Spirit Custom Kit played by Diogo Ferreira

Diogo Ferreira playing a Tee Drums Spirit Custom kit. Hand crafted drums made in the UK by Alan Tocknell.Tee Drums featured artist Diogo Ferreira plays a groove on his Spirit Custom Kit. Check it out right here... 

Kudos Drum Kit

Tee Drums Kudos Drum Kit, custom made drums by Alan Tocknell in England. Walnut with Maple inlay on vertical grain Birch shellsTee Drums Kudos Drum Kit

Tee Drums Kudos range is available in both individual snare drums and drum kits. We have the facility to join veneers together so the list of possibilities for your Kudos drums is endless. 

This kit features a Walnut with Maple inlay outer.

If you would like us to design and create your very own Kudos kit please get in touch with your ideas to

Diogo Ferreira - Tee Drums Spirit kit

Diogo Ferreira playing his Spirit Kit

Here is a link to the new Dark Radio Single "SHIMMER", which was a live recording for DeezMag.

Please check out Diogo and his Spirit kit being plaed live here...

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