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Danny Farrant of the Buzzcocks

Danny Farrant of the Buzzcocks with his Tee Drums Custom snare. Hand crafted drums made by Alan Tocknell. Danny plays a 14x7 Birch/Mahogany finished in white marine pearl
Buzzcocks Drummer Danny Farrant joins Tee Drums

Tee Drums are very pleased to announce that Buzzcocks drummer Danny Farrant has joined us an endorsee and kicked off the UK tour with his new 14x7 snare drum.  
Buzzcocks have just finished a three week headline tour of the USA which included three dates on the Riot fest. On returning to the UK the band are now into the third week of a UK tour to promote their new album “The Way” Produced by Dave Allen (the cure, Human League) which is soon to be on release on 1,2,3,4, go records.

Spirit Custom Kit played by Diogo Ferreira

Diogo Ferreira playing a Tee Drums Spirit Custom kit. Hand crafted drums made in the UK by Alan Tocknell.Tee Drums featured artist Diogo Ferreira plays a groove on his Spirit Custom Kit. Check it out right here... 

Diogo Ferreira - Tee Drums Spirit kit

Diogo Ferreira playing his Spirit Kit

Here is a link to the new Dark Radio Single "SHIMMER", which was a live recording for DeezMag.

Please check out Diogo and his Spirit kit being plaed live here...

Tee Drums Endorsee Diogo Ferreira

Diogo Ferreira of Dark Radio plays Tee Drums, Hand crafted drum built in the UK by Alan TocknellTee Drums welcomes our NEW endorsee Diogo Ferreira of Dark Radio.

Diogo is a multi-instrumentalist/producer and drummer for Portugal based band DARK RADIO. Please check out... to listen and download there new album Oakwind.

Diogo will be representing Tee Drums in Portugal and we will keep you posted throughout 2013 on events. 

Diogo plays a Tee Drums Spirit Custom finished in our Mazur with a Macassar inlay. 22x18, 13x8, 16x14, 14x7 snr.

Tee Drums Spirit Custom drum kit played by Dark Radio drummer  Diogo Ferreira     

Drummer Jim McCormick joins the team at Tee Drums

Tee Drums featured artist Jim McCormick of Ontario, Canada plays a Tee Drums Classic snare drum finished in a satin Olive AshJim McCormick joins Tee Drums
We are pleased to announce that Canadian Drummer JimMcCormick has joined Tee Drums and will be working with us in promoting ourdrums in Ontario, Canada. Jim Is also the Drummer in Classic Rock covers band “Bender”who play to audiences of up to 18000 people. Jim Started drumming in 1967 andafter a Break for a few years, he was swayed back onto the drum kit where hehas been very active in the drumming world from studio and live work to musictherapy and maintaining drum groups.

Tee Drums Endorsee Joe Betts (Take The Stand)

Tee Drums endorsee Joe Betts of Irish band We are very pleased to welcome Joe Betts to the team at Tee Drums.
About Joe:
Coming from a musical family, i started playing music at 9 years old, my first instrument was the guitar. At age 11 i started my first band  playing as guitarist and singer. At practices i would play our drummers kit, and i soon got my own kit, and started playing all the time. I joined my first band as a drummer at 14, a heavy metal band at the local youth centre, it didnt last long, but my taste for drumming was now fully formed.

Alec Brits demo of Tee Drums to Victor Wooten

Tee Drums endorsee Alec Brits plays the Tee Drums Mahogany Jazzstar Snare drum to Victor Wooten trackTee Drums Endorsee Alec Brits checks out the Tee Drums
14x5 full Mahogany snare drum.
What does Alec say about the snare drum?
"Super responsive and easy to tune. Even though you can tune it high, it is never to intrusive or harsh. Good build quality"
Alec plays along with Victor Wooten, check it out on the following link...

Alec Brits on his Tee Drums Signature Kit

Alec Brits with his signature Tee Drums kit
Alec Says...
Last night I had my first recording session of the New Year. That in it’s self was not really a big deal, but there was one thing that was rather special. I used a complete Tee Drums set, Snare and full Kit. The drum Kit in question is my first signature set, handcrafted by Mr Alan Tocknell. It features the Turbo bass drum Technology that entails a large tube to be mounted in the bass drum to allow the air to be ported through the drum at a greater velocity.

Alec Brits demo for SE Electronics Microphones

 Tee Drums Featured Artist Alec Brits checks out SE mics for his latest recording project.
Last week Alec Brits spent a few days in Parr Street Studios to check out a range of Microphones which were sent to him by SE Electronics. Alec worked together with engineer and producer Tony Draper in a recording project to demonstrate these fantastic microphones. You can also hear the demo at this link...
You can also check out SE Electronics website at...

Tee Drums Endorsee Michael Ives

Drummer Michael Ives joins the growing family of Tee Drums featured artists. Michael plays a 14x6.5 snare drum in natural satin finish and black fittings.
Tee Drums are pleased to welcome UK drummer Michael Ives as a Featured Artists.
Michael is a professional drummer and drum tutor based in the UK who is a drum tutor holding development workshops and one to one lessons. Michael is the full time drummer for 5 piece synth/pop/rock band “Even More Than You” who released their first studio album earlier this year and is available on Itunes, Amazon and Spotify and play live to on average 2500 people a month. The band our planning a National tour for 2012 so keep a watch for dates near you.
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