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characteristics of Drum Hoops

Characteristics of Drum Hoops

When choosing a new drum the hoops really are a major factor to take into account and each hoop will work much differently with various shell materials and thicknesses. When customers visit the Tee Drums showroom/studio, we take time out to go through various shell thicknesses and materials and then demonstrate the difference In sound that the hoops will make. Tee Drums shells are either vertical grain or half and half vertical/horizontal construction which have slightly different characteristics to the most common and what seems to be the industry standard snare shell, a Maple 8-10 ply, difference being that our full vertical or half & half vertical/horizontal will be a little dryer than a full horizontal grain which will resonate much more.

Turbo Bass Drum System

Tee Drums Turbo BD System
We have developed a system which delivers energy to the reso head faster than usual (which is ideal on bass drums over 22"). Our internal tube runs through the centre from batter to reso head. On striking the Batter head, the majority of the energy will be forced through the central tube focusing on the centre of the Reso head, on a spectrum anylizer we found that this also adds more bottom end to the bass drum.  
Our Turbo BD System can be added to most
Bass Drums.

Los Cabos Drum Stick Deal with FREE stick bag

Los Cabos Drum Stick Deal with FREE Stick Bag
8 Pairs of Los Cabos Drum Sticks £59 inc UK post
Drum sticks are available in 2B, 3A, 5A, 5B, 7A, Jazz. Available in Red Hickory, White Hickory and Maple.
You are welcome to mix your stick selection
Making a good pair of sticks begins by selecting the best wood possible. We manufacture many different models of sticks using Canadian maple and American hickory. Our maple is considered to be the best in the business and our hickory from the southern USA is known the world over as the top choice for stick manufacturing.

Tee Drums Gift Vouchers

Tee Drums Gift Vouchers
Secure your free Protection Racket Case for Every snare drum sold through November & December with Tee Drums Gift Vouchers. Purchasing the voucher before Christmas will entitle you to still claim the Free Case after Christmas. Vouchers can be used on any stock or custom build drums, including DIY build packs. 

Have you tried Los Cabos Drum Sticks???

Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums and session drummer has played Los Cabos drum sticks since 2008 after using them on tour of North America. Sizes I use are 5A, 7A and JazzLOS CABOS Drum Sticks
Have you tried Los Cabos Drum Sticks??? I have been using them since 2008 and it is the only drum stick that we stock in our showroom. Available in White Hickory, Red Hickory and Maple (red Hickory being the hardest, Maple the softest) I tend to use Maple more than Hickory. Stick sizes are... 2B, 3A, 5A, 5B, 7A and variations of sizes, I like to use a Jazz stick which is a little thinner than the 5A and a .25" longer.
Prices for all sizes include UK postage
1 Pair £8.

Trick Strainers Now Available in Chrome from Tee Drums

Our favourite Trick Strainer now available in Chrome and black Chrome.
Tee Drums are expecting delivery of the Trick GS007 in Chrome and Black Chrome.
Trick GS007 snare drum throw off and butt plate with a solid chrome body. This snare drum strainer model has a unique 3 position stop, so you can throw it off to 3 separate tension levels to create some interesting sounds.

This snare drum strainer has a unique radial throwoff action, instead of flipping down or off to the side the handle rotates from left to right on the same plane as the drumhead.

Coady Drop Clutch

Alan of Tee Drums is happy to be endorsing The Coady Drop Clutch (a totally hands free system) New to the UK  by Billdidit inc of Canada.
Adding to our wide range of drum fittings we are pleased to promote this brilliant accessory for double bass drum players which allows the player to drop the clutch totally hands free.
Simply strike the disc withyour stick and the clutch will release, dropping the top hi hat then when you are ready to bring the hi hat back into operation another strike to the disc will activate your clutch to the same position as it was.
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