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Alans WMP Kit

Tee Drums Alan Tocknell plays a custom series in White Marine Pearl. Hand crafted drums made in the UK As well as a Drum Builder, Alan of Tee Drums is still a professional drummer who plays live and on recording sessions. 

This is one of Alans personal kits (mainly used for live and tours)

Tee Drums Custom finished in White Marine Pearl and Black fittings.
22x20, 8x6, 10x7, 12x8, 14x14, 12x6 snr.

The bass drum on this kit is 12mm thick (double the thickness of your off the shelf standard kits). It delivered a very dry and tight punch.
Tee Drums White Marine Pearl kit. This is one of Alan Tocknells personal kits. Hand crafted drums made in England


Los Cabos Drum Sticks

Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums plays Los Cabos Drum Sticks
I picked up my first set of Los Cabos Drum Sticks in 2008 while on tour in Canada. After playing the 5A Maple I found them a nice feeling drum stick and importantly they are very strong sticks. I brought back to the UK something like 20 pairs as I had not seen them in the stores over here and have been using them ever since, so when I was given the opportunity to team up with Los Cabos, what better than to endorse a product that I have been using and believe in, I was obviously delighted at the opportunity of working with a great team that produces a fantastic range of products to include drum sticks, mallets, brushes, slapsticks.

Double Bass Drumming with the Coady Combo drop clutch

Double Bass Drumming with the Coady Combo by Billdidit
Through the week I have had the opportunity to test out the full Coady drop clutch combo by Billdidit Canada. I was happy to endorse this product as the drop clutch was activated just by hitting the disc on the clutch with your drum stick while moving your foot onto the double bass drum pedal (as demonstrated in my initial video last week). I have had time to get to grips with the full Coady Combo which includes the Drop Clutch, a Wash Controler and a Trip Arm.

Alan at Tee Drums demonstrating the Coady drop Clutch by Billdidit

Coady Combo drop clutch by Billdidit
Today I received my Coady combo by Billdidit to demostrate the system to UK drummers. This is a totally hands free drop clutch which by striking the clutch disc will release the clutch and drop the top hi hat to enable y ou to move onto double bass drums with an instant closed hi hat. I love the idea of this drop clutch, I usually play 2 hi hats, 1 regular to the left of my snare, another (closed) between the hi hat and my first rack tom for when I go onto the double bass drums.
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