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Jazz Snare Drums by Tee Drums

Tee Drums Vintage Style Kits

Tee Drums Vintage style Drums. Hand crafted drums make in the UK by professional drummer/drum maker Alan TocknellTee Drums Vintage Style kits coming soon. 

characteristics of Drum Hoops

Characteristics of Drum Hoops

When choosing a new drum the hoops really are a major factor to take into account and each hoop will work much differently with various shell materials and thicknesses. When customers visit the Tee Drums showroom/studio, we take time out to go through various shell thicknesses and materials and then demonstrate the difference In sound that the hoops will make. Tee Drums shells are either vertical grain or half and half vertical/horizontal construction which have slightly different characteristics to the most common and what seems to be the industry standard snare shell, a Maple 8-10 ply, difference being that our full vertical or half & half vertical/horizontal will be a little dryer than a full horizontal grain which will resonate much more.

Classic series Snare Drum Offer

Tee Drums Classic series Snare Drum 14x5

We are offering this snare drum at a drop down price of £150. It was part of a kit but customer wanted a 13" snare. Postage £10 within the UK, £25 postage for Europe, £40 postage to North America and Canada.

10 ply Birch shell with an Oak outer ply (10 ply in total). Features classic tube lugs, quality strainer and Evans heads.

Please contact us for more details

Tee Drums 14x5 full Mahogany demonstrated by Alec Brits

Tee Drums Endorsee Alec Brits demonstrates our 14x5 all Mahogany snare drum.

Alec playing along with Victor Wooten 

Kudos Snare Drums by Tee Drums

Tee Drums Kudos Snare Drums feature real wood stripe veneer outer plys, Trick strainer, Single point lugs, Puresound Equaliser snare wires. Hand crafted drums, made in England by Alan Tocknell and the team at Tee Drums
NEW Kudos Snare Drums by Tee Drums

Introducing our Kudos range of snare drums which feature real wood stripe outer plys. Woods included in this range are Walnut, Maple, Oak, Cherry and Ash and start with 3 stripes up to 7. Fittings include  
Tee Drums single point lugs, triple flanged hoops, Trick strainer and Puresound Equaliser snare wires.

All of our shells are hand crafted in England and made from the finest materials. The shell construction is a vertical grain Birch, which enables waves to vibrate along the grain nearly 4 times faster than across it (as on a horizontal grain shell).

13" Jazz Snare Drum by Tee Drum

Tee Drums Jazz Snare drums
Introducing the new Jazz Snare Drums, which are warm in sounding with great projection. Snare drums are finished in a high gloss Oak Burr, Walnut Burr or Elm Burr. (profile picture is Oak Burr)
The shell is constructed with a vertical grain Birch, which vibrates along the grain from top to bottom head nearly 4 times faster than a horizontal grain shell. This also leads to a warmer and deeper tone. Tee Drums shells are hand crafted by Alan Tocknell who has been building and supplying drum shells to custom drum companies for over 10 years.
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