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Maple/Birch combo Snare with Maple hoops

Tee Drums Maple/Birch combi Snare Drum

Tee Drums 14x7 Maple/Birch combi Snare Drum with Maple Hoops.
The shell is constructed with e 4.5mm Birch core with 1.2mm of Maple to each outer face for a darker and deeper tone, the Maple hoops add to a great woody sound form the snare drum. The Vertical grain Birch core vibrates from top to bottom head nearly 4 times faster than the horizontal grain to give you volume and attack. The Birch then vibrates the softer Maple wood on the shells outers to give the warmer sound.
This Tee Drums Snare can be finished in natural oil or a high gloss glaze.
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