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Signature Snare Drums

NEW Unique Finishes by Tee Drums

Introducing the new Signature finishes by Tee Drums. Cherry Swirl, Walnut Swirl, Strawberry Swirl.

Our Signature snare drums are available in Birch, Maple, Mahogany, Oak or any combination of these woods.

The new finishes are raw materials originating from environmentally managed forests and from agricultural plantations. multilaminar wood veneer obtained by glueing, pressing and slicing sheets of dyed wood producing these exciting finishes. For more information on snare drums and kits with our new finishes, please contact us.

New finishes on Signature series

Signature Series Snare Drums in 2 of our new finishes.

Signature series snare drums features...
  • 6mm/12 ply Vertical grain Birch shell
  • Trick Strainer
  • Single point lugs
  • Triple flanged hoops (optional Die cast)
  • Puresound Equaliser Snare
  • Evans Heads (G1 or G2 coated) 
Featuring Walnut Swirl & Cherry Swirl

New Signature finishes
Our NEW wood finishes are created by glueing, pressing and slicing sheets of dyed wood. It offers almost unlimited scope for producing colours and grains that reproduce creative textures.

Signature Snare Drum (Vertical Ebony Macassar)

Tee Drums Signature Snare Drum finished in an Ebony Macassar, Ebony Snare Drum, Hand crafted drums made by Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums. Features a Trick Strainer, Single point lugs and Puresound Snare WiresTee Drums Signature Snare Drum in Ebony Macassar

14x7 (7mm thick) Snare Drum finished in our vertical Ebony Macassar with high glaze gloss. This Snare Drum features our single point lugs, Trick strainer and Puresound snare wires.

The sound is great at all tuning ranges from low to top. The vertical grain shell construction allows the vibrations to run along the grain down to the bottom head much faster than across the grain on the usual mass production shells. This gives us a clearer and more focused sound with great sensitivity for ghost notes and brush work.
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