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Workshop and work in progress

Distinction series shells in finishing process

Tee Drums Distinction series drum shells. Walnut & Red Gum, Walnut with Oak Burr center. Hand crafted drums made in England by Alan Tocknell
2 Tee Drums Distinction series shells in the finishing process.

Bottom: Walnut with Red Gum upper (satin finish).
Top: Walnut with Oak Burr center (High Gloss finish)

Ziricote, Zebrano & Macassar Kit

Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums is currently working on this blended finish kit of Ziricote, Zebrano and MacassarLovely kit in the finishing process, here are just 2 of the rack toms. Satin Poly finish on Ziricote, Zebrano, Macassar. 

Hand crafted drum shells by Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums

Imbuia kit build

Here are a few progress pictured of a Tee Drums Imbuia kit. Hand crafted by professional drummer/drum builder Alan Tocknell.

3 piece kit constructed with vertical grain Birch, Mahogany and an outer ply of Imbuia. Shell are all finished in our high gloss glaze and now for the building of the kit.

Lugs fitted to the 10"

Imbuia Kit

Tee Drums Imbuia finish. Mahogany/Birch drum shellsWe are currently working on this lovely Imbuia kit finished in our High Gloss Glaze. Really cant wait to show you the finished kit, will keep you updated


Walnut Burr

Making of a Walnut Finished Burr Snare Drum. British custom made drums by Alan Tocknell of Tee DrumsMaking of a Walnut Burr outer 

The Walnut Burr is one of our most beautiful (and unfortunately one of our most expensive) finishes, so how do we make this outer ply consistent in pattern...

The Walnut Burr does not come in a long ply like this that is full of burr, we have to cut the very best parts from the veneer and book match together to form this one outer ply (5 pieces to make this 14x6.5 snare drum outer). 

Before we cut the Burr to the specific size needed for the final ply, each piece has to be softened and then pressed flat (as this is a lumpy wood). Once flattened, we can then join the pieces together and press onto another ply which will make the ply stronger for working with. 

Work in Progress - Veneer Matching

Making of a Distinction outer ply using Walnut Burr and Birdseye Maple, we have also added Mahogany/Maple feathered inlays to break the 2 veneers up. Hand crafted by Alan Tocknell at Tee Drums in the UK
Work in progress
Few pictures of our outer plys being made.
All exotic outer plys are part of our shells construction and NOT glued onto a ready made shell. 

Picture 1: features a quality Walnut Burr and Birdseye Maple divided with feathered Mahogany/Maple inlay bandings.

Making of a Tee Drums outer ply with Ebony Macassar and Zebrano. Real wood veneers crafted by Alan Tocknell.
Picture 2: features Ebony Macassar and Zebrano.
The veneer strips are stitched together to form one ply, we would sometimes then heat press onto a backing veneer of Maple or Mahogany to make a stronger workable ply.

Zebra kit and a Distinction Kit

Couple of kits we are currently working on. Cant wait to show you the finished kits (very soon)

Tee Drums Zebra finish. Bookmatched veneers by Alan Tocknell of Tee Drums Custom Drums in the UK
Tee Drums Distinction series veneers with real wood inlays. Hand crafted drums by Alan Tocknell. Custom drums made in the UK
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